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2015-02-21[Event Closed]

Detailed information of 63 open data day events in japan



(no information)

Sapporo - International Open Data Day 2015 Sapporo

Summary: Code for Sapporo supports the policy of Open Data which is worked by institutions such as countries or cities all over the world, indicates the participation to "International Open Data Day 2015" to promote public data usage and hosts in Sapporo continuously since last year.

Hakodate - HAKODATE International Open Data Day

Theme: "Omotenashi" that we think about
Summary: This year is first time for Hakodate, will introduce "Hackathon" which is a workshop making WEB service and application for 2 days, also organizations, services and applications related to IT in Hakodate. 



Aomori - International Open Data Day 2015 in AOMORI

Theme: Let's think from Data! Aomori data excavation and utilization camp
Summary: From HP of companies and public organizations within Aomori prefecture, look for data which is effective to task solution, analysis and added value data creation and generate ideas from the data what we can do.
To think ideathon such as below:
   - Ideas of application and services
   - Data analysis and consideration
   - Secondary data consideration by crossing data


(no information)

Miyagi/Sendai - Tohoku Developers Conference 2015, "A bit ahead of future"

Theme: A bit ahead of future
To present Iot, sensing, artificial foot of robot and "viewable next vision" thing

Fukushima/Aizuwakamatsu - International Open Data Day in AIZU

Theme: Let's feel data transmitted by city
To think about city's future and open data business by feeling a new service utilized beacon.

Fukushima/Koriyama - International Open Data 2015 in Koriyama

Theme: Urban Development x Application & Game
First session (AM) - Content of location game and technology with supporting location game of mobile factory
Second session (PM) - Hands-on of application moving by browser and JS


(no information)



Ibaraki/Mito - International Open Data Day 2015 in Ibaraki

   1. Ideas utilized city center mall data
   2. To make Gulliver map


(no information)

Saitama/Saitama - Code for SAITAMA Open Data Mokumoku-kai

Summary: The rest of "Open data hackathon" which was taken place the other day will be continued as Mokumoku Association

Chiba/Nagareyama- Wikipedia town Nagareyama, International Open Data Day 2015

Theme: Town walking x Regional culture "Let's open Cultural information of Nagareyama!!"
Summary: For this time as first time, it will be taken place a workshop to article in Wikipedia by copy-editing the cultural important spots in city. During morning, walk together with historical professional, during afternoon, information gathering and creation at library and make articles for Wikipedia. Will share both of you who have already used Wikipedia or not how Wikipedia is made and how you can use.


(no information)

Chiba/Chiba - International Open Data Day 2015 @ Chiba

Theme: Visualize current city!
To share situation of our living city easily, aim to think about city's future from that and work on "visualize current city!" as theme as below:
   - "Chiba report" ideathon to visualize city's issues
   - Compile a database of "Map of bicycle riding comfort"
   - Visualization of littering by using "Owl"

Tokyo - Tokyo Open Data Day 2015

Theme: Festival
Summary: To take place ideathon to utilize to public relations, transportation and regional promotion which are hold by community and private firm as theme Tokyo's "festival" such as regional festival and fireworks event, Olympic.

Tokyo - Let's make "Tokyo Guidebook by visible data"

   1. Panel discussion by foreigner living in Japan
   2. Team making by interested fields and skills to learn
   3. Handiwork making by group working by team

Tokyo/Chiyoda-ku/Nagata-cho - Ideathon to run up web pages of National Diet Library(NDL Open Data, Workshop) - Tokyo old pictures hunting (Open Data Day 2015)

<NDL Open Data Workshop>
There is various online service, such as "National Diet Library digital collection", "National Diet Library search", "Web NDL Authorities", "NDL eastern Japan great earthquake archive", "Electronic exhibition", "Reference cooperative data base" etc. provided on National Diet Library's web site.
The data which can be used by these service have a possibility that you can use it more conveniently, by linking to other data, using for application development, taking it in other systems and analyzing as subject of research data.
In this event, we are looking for the hint and the idea to exhaust data of NDL to common work by everybody of a participant.
<Tokyo old pictures hunting>
Event which everyone searches for a photography place of the old picture by using a mobile application "memory hunting" that targeted for "Meiji and Taisho in the picture (the Tokyo volume)" opened from Tokyo National Diet Library.

Tokyo/Hachioji - International Open Data Day Hachioji

   1. What is CivicTech?
   2. To look back on Hachioji history (Hachioji which you don't know)
   3. To look at Hachioji by data
   4. Hachioji in 2050
   5. Ideathon facility data to think about future Hachioji
   6. Idea presentation

Tokyo/Tama - International Open Data Day 2015

   1. Keynote - What is city making reform by open data
   2. Ideathon - Theme: Tama-city future Urban development
   3. Idea presentation and selection
   4. Team building ・Brush-up

Tokyo/Inagi - Inagi International Open Data Day

   1. Discussion for which open data makes us enjoy and convenient our life
   2. Map making
   3. Challenge to "Where did our tax go" making

Kosodate Town(Toranomon, Kobe, Yokohama) - Child rearing support town

Theme: Child rearing support service information
Challenging that the open data origination as same data structure from the service offered from polity and the child rearing support service offered from a private enterprise.
Specifically, 2 are programed.
- Datathon: RDF and LOD origination about child rearing service information as data based upon "common vocabulary foundation" providing by IPA.
- Ideathon: Sharing ideas of utilization of open data between both autonomous body and enterprise.

Kanagawa/Kawasaki - Kawasaki International Open Data Day 2015

Map making around Kawasaki-daishi temple while picking trash up. With explanation that even a beginner can do map making easily.
<information collection team>
   - Event explanation
   - Team separation
   - Move to Kawasaki-daishi temple by train
   - Information collection which will be put on map and trash picking around Kawasaki-daishi area.
<map data making team>
   -Team separation
   -Map data (OSM data) making

Kanagawa/Miyamae-ward, Kawasaki - Marckethon to solve social problems by using geographical space open data

Matching event between idea creation team and related stake holder, to aim to utilization of the application service which was invented in a hackathon using the geographical spatial open data to settle an area problem.

Kanagawa/Yokohama - International Open Data Day 2015 @ Yokohama

There is several part of event, such as workshop, town walking, seminar, panel discussion and exhibition with gathering many persion concerned in each sector round the citizen group, the school, the enterprise and the polity which do a colorful match related to open data.
A main theme is the following 3.
  1  Looking back to a attempt of the former open data in Yokohama
  2  "visualization" and making countermeasure against area problem by young people
  3  Regional economic activation by the open innovation using open data

Kanagawa/Center region - Sagami Open Data Day 2015

An ideathon where consider realization of the wide area enhanced service using open data effectively under the cooperation between 10 autonomous body, 3 universities, citizens and enterprises take part in.
10:00-10:10  Opening
10:10-11:00  Seminar
10:05  Opening greeting
10:10  Open data  Seminar
       - "About attempt of open data"
       - "The significance of the wide area enhanced service using open data"
       - "Discovery of the regional characteristics by using open data"
11:00-12:00  Theme explanation and grouping
       - Open data utilization on public relations paper
       - Application for a cyclist
       - Open data utilization in public facilities of a wide area autonomous body
12:00-13:00  lunch
13:00-15:00  Idea stock
15:00-16:00  Idea summary and PowerPoint making
16:00-16:50  Idea announcement of each group
16:50-17:00  Closure
17:15-  Social gathering

Kanagawa/Yokosuka - Open Data Ideathon and Hackathon utilized three dimension map

An ideathon about making idea which have pr reinforcement around Yokosukachuuou station and commemoration ship Mikasa and an idea about barrier-free movement support and disaster prevention using a three-dimensional map from Yokosukachuuou station to the commemoration ship Mikasa neighborhood, walking space network data and open data about sightseeing and barrier free disaster prevention, etc.
12:30  Opening and reception
13:00-14:00 The vessel tour; visiting the inside of the vessel in commemoration ship Mikasa
14:00-14:05 Explanation of Yokosuka ideathon.
14:05-14:15 Greeting from the mayer of Yokosuka city
14:15-14:25 Outline explanation of ideathon
14:25-15:00 Brainstorming session
15:00-15:15 Outcome announcing
15:15-15:20 Voting for excellent announcement
15:20-15:25 Voting result
15:25-15:30 Clothing
15:30-16:30 Social gathering



Niigata/Niigata - D_Gata 2015

Event considering about utilization of open data in Niigata
   1. Presentation "Data is easy for person"
   2. Presentation "Development of a bus application and its' problem"
   3. Lightning talk
   4. Discussion by all the members

Nagano/Suzaka - International Open Data Day 2015 in Suzaka

Considering information-orientedness using open data in Suzaka city
9:30  Reception open
10:00-10:15 Opening
10:15-10:45 "Information-orientedness and open data promotion in Suzaka city"
10:45-11:15 "Status of the open data promotion in Suzaka city office"
11:15-12:15  Suzaka city's open data ideathon
13:20-13:45  Ideathon's outcome release + communication between the meeting place
13:45-14:15 "Let's walk! town of storehouse, Suzaka" will be explained
14:15-16:00 Fieldwork in storehouse Suzaka
16:00-17:00 Outcome announcement and summary
17:00 Clothing
17:30 Social gathering

Nagano/Nagano - Open Data Day 2015 feat NSEG. in GEEKLAB. NAGANNO

Explaining easily what open data is, then split up into several teams and do ideathon and hackathon.
9:30 Reception open
10:00-10:10 Opening
10:10-10:20 Introduction of NSEG and GEEKLAB.NAGANO
10:20-10:40 What is open data?
10:40-11:00 When HAKKASON is begun.
11:00-11:10 Team decision (each team by 2-3 people)
11:10-12:00 Ideathon and hackathon (morning session)
13:20-13:30 Another office relay (reporting the status of ideathon and hackathon each other).
13:30-17:30 Ideathon and hackathon (afternoon session)
17:30-17:40 Clothing, taking picture
18:00-20:00 Social gathering and outcome announcement

Nagano/Ueda - Open Data Day 2015 in Ueda

An workshop where the charm of local area would be sent.
<Mini lecture>
 What is open data and amusement of its utilization
 Case study which attempt to use open data in Ueda city and Nagano University
 The way of open data opening to the public using area SNS "ORAHO NET" and archive service PushCorn
Sharing ideas about what is the local charm, how do we make use of it, how do we make open data, what kind of application usingn open data would be need, and so on from splited small groups.



Shizuoka - International Open Data Day 2015 Shizuoka

This event is the "festival" which volunteer from a citizens' group to polity establishes a theme and rises regarding open data utilization.
Industry-university-government people will think together about an area problem by 3 meeting places in Sizuoka prefecture (Numazu, Kakegawa and Kosai).

Shizuoka/Numazu branch - International Open Data Day 2015 Numazu

Theme: Practice and implementation of an area problem solution by utilization of open data
- Declaration of the opening
- Keynote speech
  "Open data status update in the Shizuoka prefecture inside and outside"
  "attempt to open data utilization in Susono city"
- Hackathon: Solution building by splited 2 team that each team's theme are tourism (service information of public transport) and medical facilities (location information of AED)
- Solution announcement
- Closing, declaration of promoting open data

Shizuoka/Kakegawa branch - International Open Data Day 2015 Kakegawa

Introduction of public bus transport open data project, consideration of deployment of garbage collection schedule informing application to other local government and data organization activity about ancient manuscript will be held.
We also will have open street map mapping party around Kakegawa castle area and visualization about street stall on OSM.
9:30-10:00  Reception open
10:00-10:05 Organizer's greeting
10:05-10:15 Explanation of open data
10:15-10:30 Introduction of the public bus experiment
10:30-11:30 Point out each theme
11:30-12:00 Solution announcement and team building
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-16:00 Activity according to each theme
16:00-16:30 Outcome announcement from every theme
16:30-17:00 Closing

Shizuoka/Kosai branch - International Open Data Day 2015 Kosai

"Symbiosis between multi cultural people" is one of the most important problems in Kosai city because there is a lot of foreigner residence in the city. We will consider the forefront town of multi cultural symbiosis with the theme of "Live together x IT".
13:30  Reception open
14:00-14:15 Outline explanation
14:15-14:45 What is "symbiosis between multi cultural people"
14:45-15:15 What is "open data"
15:15-15:25 Explanation of workshop and the outcome of former event
15:25-15:30 Break
15:30-18:20 Workshop
18:30-20:00 Outcome reporting
20:00 Ending


(no information)

Aichi/Nagoya - International Open Data Day 2015 in Nagoya, Open Data Tokai

Theme: Public transportation open data
A hackathon using sample API of service information of Nagoya municipal bus
9:30  Venue open
10:00-10:10  Opening and greeting
10:10-10:30  Topic offering about open data
10:30-12:00  Idea workshop and team making
12:00-13:00  Lunch
13:00-17:00  Ideathon and hackathon
17:00-18:00  Outcome presentation
18:00  Closure

Gifu/Gifu - International Open Data Day 2015 in Gifu

A theme: Yanagase shopping street
The Yanagase shopping street is a historical area that has more than 100 years history as a center of Gifu.
The event would be held for everyone to enjoy Yanagase while seeing old pictures and maps.
And we leave the recent form of Yanagase as the open data and think about lively community building to continue in the following 100 years.
 10:30  Reception open
 11:00  Beginning and greeting
 11:30  Yanagase district walking
        - Let's meet great person in Yanagase
        - Let's find the place now from an old picture
        - Let's find the remaining store now from an old map
        - Let's enjoy Yanagase hood for which we'd like to leave it in the next generation
 14:30  About open data
 15:00  The world cafe (Considering future community building)
 16:30  Wrup up
 17:00  Ending
 18:00  Social gathering



Toyama/Nanto - International Open Data Day 2015 in Nanto

Theme: Action for Nanto
A workshop which becomes the trigger to behaves and finds something to our city, Nanto
10:00 Opening and movie instruction watching
11:00 Local event starting
      -local event introduction
      -Introduction of attempt to use open data in Nanto city
      -Introduction of information announceing of exchange sightseeing in Nanto city
      -Introduction of workshop and team building
12:00  Lunch
13:00  Workshop starting
      a. Trash calendar
      b.Where Does My Money Goes?
17:00 Workshop end and outcome announcement
18:00 Event closing

Toyama/Takaoka - International Open Data Day in TAKAOKA

Hackathon which settles our areal problems such as public service
9:20 Reception
9:30 Introduction 
9:35 Introduction of Code For Takaoka and application introduction
10:00 Team building of hackathon
11:50 Outcome report from each team
12:20 Wrup up
12:30 Ending

Ishikawa - International Open Data Day in ISHIKAWA

An ideathon which considers Ishikawa's regional problem
12:30  Venue open
13:00  Opening
13:10  Lecture
       1. Latest trend of open data @IODD2015ISHIKAWA
       2. Case study in Ishikawa prefecture
         (1) Open data policy in Kanazawa city
         (2) Open data policy in Nonoichi city
         (3) Maintenance of street lamp data in Nonoichi city
         (4) another one presentation
14:40  Break
15:00  Ideathon
16:50  Clothing
17:00  Event finish

Fukui/Sabae - International Open Data Day 2015 Ideathon in Fukui

Programming workshop, Ideathon and Hackathon which are activities as the application experience for citizen and is aimd to understand the usefulness of  open data
14:30 Understanding a computer and programming by IchigoJam
15:00 Open experiment of wearable world (device and application)
16:00 Considering open data (ideathion).
16:15 Making something which moves (hackathon).
16:45 Outcome presentations
17:00-18:30 Social gathering



Shiga - International Open Data Day 2015 in Shiga/Biwako

The workshop in which both citizens and creators would develop the usuful service with the aim of enjoying two events "RA FORU JURUNE  Biwa-ko Lake 2015" and "Moriyama firefly park and walk" which are planning to be held in May.
11:00  Orientation
12:00  Lunch
13:00  Workshop at each team
16:00  Outcome announcement
17:00  Ending

Kyoto/Kyoto - International Open Data Day 2015 in Kyoto

Opendatathon forcused on "Konkai-Koumyouji Kurotani-san temple" which is one of the headquarters of a Jodo sect, Buddhism.
10:00-10:05  Opening and greeting.
10:05-10:20  Outline explanation and introduction of open data
10:20-10:35  About eiun-in temple
10:35-11:05  Introduction of OpenStreetMap
11:05-11:20  Explanation of outline of the Wikipedia
11:20-11:35  Related material introduction of Kyoto prefectural library
11:35-11:40  Group separation
<OpenStreetMap team>
  11:40-13:30  Field survey and lunch
  13:30-16:00  Explanation of how to make and edit on a guide map
<Wikipedia team>
  11:40-13:30  Field survey and lunch
  13:30-16:00  Explanation of editing Wikipedia and its uploading method
  16:00-16:45  Outcome announcement
  16:45-16:50  Closing greeting, picture taking and a questionnaire

Kyoto - The 11th Collaborative reference forum, Information service of connecting libraries: Communality of "Search method"

A forum about opening to the public and utilization of the data that libraries have. There is a lecture about "open data and library" and a panel discussion would be expected.

Osaka - The 5th Linked Open Data Hackathon Kansai in International Open Data Day Osaka

Datathon and Hackathon which used open data about Osaka.
10:00 Event Start
10:15 Lecture "Open data as a web architecture, true meaning of LOD, RDF and five start open data"
10:45 "Osaka's delightful case, ?? firing"
The delightful case which use the open data developed at previous hackathon in Osaka would be introduced!
11:15 Team organization
11:30 Hachathon and Datathon
17:30 outcome announcement!
18:30 Ending
19:00 Social gathering

Osaka/Sakai - Rediscovery of Sakai's appealing! Town walking workshop - Let's make original sightseeing guide by utilizing open data

An event that they makes Sakai's tour guide using open data and Open Street Map.
   - Recepton
   - Opening and greeting
   - Lecture about Sakai city
   - Lightning talk from the members of Code for SAKAI
   - Outline of Open Street Map
   - Lunch
   - Mapping party
   - Workshop
   - Outcome reporting
   - Wrap up
   - Closing

Hyogo - International Open Data Day 2015 in Hyogo/Kobe

An ideathon will be held that aims to realize the problems in our town that we live in, by visualization about social problems used by open data prepared from Hyogo prefecture and Kobe city.


(no information)

Nara - The 2nd Nara Open Datathon

It is event which makes OpenStreetMap enhanced by data of Nara-machi area and hold the actual usage experience about it.
   - Opening and greeting
   - Orientation (outline of event and introduction of open data)
   - The OpenStreetMap outline explanation
   - Team building and idea excuse of investigation object
   - Field survey
   - Editing surveied data
   - Outcome announcement
   - Closing greeting, picture taking and a questionnaire
   - Social event

Nara/Ikoma - Workshop for childcare application idea vol.2, International Open Data Day in Ikoma

An Ideathon will be held that they would be share thire useful application ideas for child rearing, which is based on local information gathered by mapping party and recognition of issues for child rearing in Ikoma region.

Wakayama - International Open Data Day 2015 in Wakayama

Open data related event which will perform by 2 separated groups, "I'll make open data." group and "mapping party in Nanki Tanabe" group.
"I'll make open data." group will openize the data of Wakayama prefecture and make application and register it on open street map.
"Mapping party in Nanki Tanabe" group will make map data regarding the historical sites and facilities of disasters protection, and etc. in Tanabe city.



Tottori - Open data ideathon in Tottori

An ideathon will be held that will lead to local activation by using the open data about vacant house prepared by administrative agencies.

Ehime/Matsuyama - Kick-off meeting (International Open Data Day 2015 in EHIME)

Kickoff meeting of Code for DOGO.
14:00 Opening
14:05 Code for DOGO's kickoff!
14:15 Introduction of open data
14:20 Practical usage(gaming) with
15:00 Practical usage(gaming) with CKAN
16:00 Closing

Tokushima - Open data ideathon "Comfortable city by ICT and mom"

The event that sharing ideas of usuful application for child rearing. Its discussion would be based from the recognition of issues and local information  for child rearing in Tokushima.
10:30  Reception open
11:00  Greeting and the explanation of event
11:05  Introduction of open data
11:10  Attendee's self-introduction
11:25  Ideathon 1 (team making).
12:00  Lunch meeting.
           Ideathon 2 (theme decision)
14:00  Interim report
16:00  Presentation and examination
16:30  Award ceremony



Fukuoka/Kitakyushu - Restaurant x Customer x Open data Ideathon - Open Data Day 2015 in Kitakyushu

An ideathon which is under the situation that the restaurant (store) and their guests would be thinking about open data application gathered on one table.

Fukuoka/Kyushu University/Ito Campus - Workshop for application development by open street map and Unity

2 days workshop that the Open Street Map and 3D game development tool "Unity" would be used.
<21st Feb. >
10:00  Meeting place opening
10:30  Event starting
10:30 - 11:30  Introduction of this workshop
11:30 - 13:00  Lunch
13:00 - 15:00  Data acquisition fieldwork (Data of buildings and monuments will be collected in the Kyushu University Ito campus.)
15:00 - 17:00  Data registration workshop (Registrating the data that were gathered in the University campus onto open street map.)
17:30  Closing
<22nd Feb.>
10:00  Meeting place opening
10:30  Event starting
10:30 - 12:30  Lecture of Unity (Basic usage of Untiy is explained by the workshop style.)
12:30 - 13:30  Lunch
13:30 - 15:30  Lecture of application development(How to use an open street map and Unity.)
15:30 - 17:00  Free form workshop (Application making freely, by using the contents in the lecture.)
17:30  Closing

Fukuoka/Fukuoka - Open Data Hackathon 2015 Fukuoka

Hackathon which used a data conversion software, "DataSpider".
10:00-10:30  Introduction of ""open data""
10:30-12:00  DataSpider workshop
12:00-13:00  Lunch
13:00-18:00  Team building
18:00-19:00  Presentation from each team
19:00-20:00  After event party

Fukuoka/Fukuoka/Chuo-ward - Open Data Day in Fukuoka - Let's learn open data connecting to disaster prevention

It's expected to know open data from the Meteorological Agency and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and discuss utilization method to use them. Targeting is making the against disasters data that is useful to everyone.
   1. Opening
   2. Studying open data
   3. Ideathon
   4. Closing

Oita - Open street map mapping mini party

Mapping party for practical activity to make several kind of local data on Open Street Map.

Saga - Arita ware ideathon - International Open data Day in Saga

Ideathon for enlivening Arita town in Saga.
   1. Pre-event Short trip in Arita town to see manufacturer of Arita china.
   2. Opening
   3. Keynote "Solving local issues by using open data!"
   4. Seminor "Using open data foward to Aritayaki 400 yeras cereblation!"
                     "Open data and Ideathon"
   5. Ideathon
   6. Presentation
   7. Closing

Kagoshima/Kimotsuki - "Wheel mapping party" participants wanted! International Opendata Day 2015 in Kimotsuki

Plactical activity as making accessible map for wheel chair user and  baby buggy in Kimotsuki City.

Kagoshima/Kagoshima - Kagoshima Open Street Map Cafe

We are planning to exchange our know-how and related information about Open Street Map, and perform some of issues for OSM.

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