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Utilization and Promotion Committee


This Committee is a committee to implement the transmission and sharing of information related to open data and big data, and also to perform investigations about possibilities of new services from promoting open data. Supporting members can also be among members of this Committee, and discussions are being conducted by industry- academia-government collaboration.


  • Chairperson
    Ichiya Nakamura (Professor, Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University)
  • Vice Chairperson
    Fumihiro Murakami (Chief Researcher, Social ICT Solutions Division, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.)
  • Committee
    Yusho Ishikawa (Project Professor, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo)
    Ikki Ohmukai (Associate Professor, National Institute of Information)
    Hiroichi Kawashima (President, Institute for Public Sector Innovation)
    Iwao Kobayashi (Representative director, Scholex)
    Masahiko Shoji (Senior Research Fellow / Assistant Professor, Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan)
    Sawako Nohara (President and CEO, IPSe Marketing, Inc. / Project Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University)
    Taisuke Fukuno (President and CEO,
  • Observer
    Cabinet Secretariat
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
    Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
    Japan Business Federation
  • Secretariat
    Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.

Examinations about past activities

As regards the examinations about activities in and before FY2013, please look at the archive pages of the website of Open Data Promotion Consortium.