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Guidance for Admission

Application for the membership

Application for the membership

"Vitalizing Local Economy Organization by Open Data & Big Data" is now recruiting members (employees), supporting members and municipality members. Regarding the application for supporting members and municipality members, please fill out the application form given below, after carefully reading and agreeing to the Articles of Association and other rules and send it to Secretariat by e-mail. (E-mail address is given in the application form. It is hereby noted that the qualification for supporting members is limited to corporate bodies.)
This organization is recruiting municipality members, in particular. We have specific reference materials for municipalities, which can be downloaded together with the application form.

If you desire to work in this organization, please contact Secretariat as the first step. (You can contact us from the "inquiry" set up at the bottom of the website. )

Procedures for becoming a member

Procedures for becoming a member (flow chart)

Classification of ordinary members (employees), supporting members and municipality members, together with annual fees (FY 2018)


Member Classification Description Qualifications
Employee A Founding employees Participation and proposal to Meeting of the General Assembly / Steering Committee / Committee / Sub Committee
(There are some restrictions on the employee B)
Employee B Other than Employee A
Supporting members   Participation in some committee
Municipalities   Participation in the committee / subcommittee

Annual fee

Member Classification Membership fee
Employee A 2 Million yen
Employee B Capital 300 billion yen or more 1 Million yen
Capital 1 billion yen or more, less than 300 billion yen 5 Hundred thousand yen
Capital less than 1 billion yen 2 Hundred thousand yen
Supporting members No Charge (FY 2018)
Municipalities No Charge

: Even if employee B becomes a Director, he or she is to pay the same annual fee as employee B.

Procedures for withdrawal from the organization

Concerning your withdrawal from the organization, as well, matters required for that purpose need to be described in the "application form for withdrawal" after your confirmation of the description in the Articles of Association, and the filled-out application form shall be sent to Secretariat by e-mail or by post.

Application for withdrawal